CURB is the world’s first natural media company, only using natural materials to create their dynamic and large scale campaigns. I helped create the brand guidelines and also designed and developed their unique interactive Flash guidelines. Other highlights include designing the templates that were used for the “sea tagging” campaign for the London Sea Life Centre’s launch.

What I worked on

Printed and interactive brand guidelines, business cards, media templates and other printed items

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Andrew Armanios has been a tremendous asset to the CURB team, his commitment creativity and design talent have played a large part in the design assets that have helped fuel business growth and CURB becoming an award winning company. I would highly recommend him as a freelancer or permanent member of any business looking for great commercially focused design.

Anthony Ganjou

Founder & CEO

CURB brand guidelines

Printed brand guidelines

CURB business cards

Business cards

CURB's interactive brand guielines: essenceCURB's interactive brand guielines: elements

Interactive brand guidelines

Sea tagging

Template design of sea tag

Forest certificate

Tree certificate